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About Zuni Artist Brian Yatsattie

Zuni Carver Brian Yatsattie comes from a family of jewelry artisans. His mother, Janta Yatsattie, was known for her petit-point jewelry. He began his artistic career as a painter.  In 1989 Brian began carving because "it looked like fun."


In 1992 he moved to San Felipe Pueblo and is now teaching others the art of fetish carving. He is a most creative and talented carver who makes one of a kind, custom Zuni carvings, which are straight forward, stylized and appeal to a wide variety of fetish buyers and collectors.

Brian a self taught, was inspired to learn carving by watching others working their art. He started out as a painter but really wanted to try a new medium, so he picked up some stone and started carving.  20 years later Brian's carvings are being collected globally and are much sought after by people familiar with the Zuni traditions. Brian has taught his brother and son how to carve so the family tradition will continue and occasionally you will see their pieces available for sale on the website.. 

One question Brian gets asked on a daily basis is, " 
How do you decide what stone and animal to carve?"
According to Brian, "The stone tells me what it wants to be. "
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